Why Northeast Revaluation Group?


Northeast Revaluation Group works hard to maintain a customer service culture that is among the most respected in the industry. The Assessing department needs to have confidence that the vendor's work is accurate, timely, and most of all, responsive. Our company takes pride in always providing support personnel to answer the phone during working hours. An Assessor will never get the dreaded "voice mail jail." All personnel are specifically trained to deal with taxpayers in a friendly and professional manner. We also provide our services on a variety of CAMA systems. It adds up to a successful and positive project for the municipality.


Northeast Revaluation Group has teamed up with Patriot Properties to offer our customers AssessPro. Patriot's AssessPro CAMA software is the most versatile and comprehensive assessing product available. It is currently installed in 16 states, covering over 4 million parcels. Patriot Properties, Inc has been in business over 21 years and serves approximately 200 clients nationwide. AssessPro offers real estate and personal property software integrated in on package, embedded GID links using the latest ESRI technology, and a Tablet Edition allowing data collection in the field using Patriot's Mobile Tool. Patriot Properties has been named "ESRI - New Business Partner of the Year".

Our strong appraisal and revaluation experience, combined with Patriot software products, offer our clients and the region, a terrific solution for their assessing needs. In addition, Northeast Revaluation Group's services include web hosting your database at our website, making it easy for taxpayers and assessing departments to obtain accurate information about every property in your municipality 24/7.


Our company is based on the idea that accurate and consistent values are the cornerstone to an effective revaluation project. Our firm will provide the municipality with the information and reports needed to show the taxpayers that they are being treated fairly, and that the revaluation process is consistent. To learn how we can bring more value to your revaluation process, call us at 401-737-0300.

Northeast Revaluation at the NRAAO Conference in Mystic, CT

(Pictured left to right, Karen Beattie, Tax Assessor Scituate, RI; Ray Beattie, Tax Assessor Coventry, RI; Richard Nagle, President, Northeast Revaluation; Daniel Ducharme, Ph.D., IT Director, Northeast Revalution)